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Colours - Product Info

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For colouring of certain foods, drugs and cosmetics.

Our product range includes synthetic water-soluble colourants in powder and granular form, aluminiumcoated and natural dyes as well as colouring foods which are available partly in powder or liquid form as well as in a water-soluble or oil-soluble variant.

Many of our colourants have a good to very good solubility, heat stability and light fastness and require only a low dosage.

Main fields of application:


Beverages, sweets (e.g. pudding powder, instant products, candies, desserts in general, artificial ice cream, fizz, etc.)


generally applicable


shampoo, foam bath, shower bath, liquid soaps, etc.

The products meet the current EC regulations in all product-relevant data such as purity requirements, heavy metals, etc. . Partly national regulations apply.

On request we also offer certain F.D.A. certified colourants for export (e.g to Japan, USA).