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Spicy Flavours - Product Info

  1. spicy flavoursSpicy Flavours


Flavours are used for flavouring foods. They are available in different forms depending on the intended purpose and can be liquid, powder or paste form.

Flavours contain not only the flavour components but also other substances such as liquid or solid carrier substances for technical reasons to allow a better dosing.

Flavours are concentrated products and as such not suitable or intended for direct consumption.

It is worth mentioning that a flavour is mostly used in the dosage of 1: 1000 within the industrial or artisanal application.

This means that 1 g of flavour is sufficient to aromatize 1 kg of food.

Also important in this context is that the amount of aromatic flavour compounds on average account for 10 - 20 percent of the whole flavour.

So eventually 0.1 g - 0.2 g of Flavourings are sufficient to aromatize 1 kg of food. Thus, the consumption quantities of flavours range in trace level.